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【Free Consultation】LIFTERA® HIFU V-LIFT

Non-invasive V-LIFT Skin Tightening

LIFTERA is the world’s only 3-certified HIFU technology, combined with patented TDT technology, the treatment gives out stable ultrasonic hot spots at 5-7 Hz, penetrating heat to 3.0mm, 4.5mm depth into the skin tissue, and embeds invisible energy line into the dermis and aponeurosis (SMAS) layer, and creates a net-like scaffold within the fascia and dermis layer to enhance the firming effect, while stimulating collagen reproduction and improving the quality of the skin.



limited to 50 people per month.  Includes Full face+ Eyes + Neck Unlimited shots

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​5 Unique Technology 


  • The technology has obtained three certifications from Korea KFDA, EU CE and GMP

  • Patented TDT hot spot diffusion technology, focusing ultrasound to conduct high energy to the fascia layer

  • Non-invasive lifting, without damaging the epidermis, achieves tightening, wrinkle-smoothing and lifting effects 

  • Three types of pen-shaped cylindrical treatment heads, which can reach precisely to the 4.5mm, 3.0mm skin collagen layer, and 1.5mm accurately, and the 1.5mm-shaped treatment head is especially aimed at fine parts

  • Eye treatments are also well-known to improve surrounding eye tissue with noticeable lifting effects

Vigour is committed to providing personalized Liftera V-Lift treatments for Hong Kong customers to achieve the ideal tightening effect. Our professional medical beauty team consists of therapists who have received more than 1,000 hours of professional training. Vigour is committed to providing you with the most efficient and safest treatment. Register now for a skin analysis consultation, after  fully understanding your skin condition, we can provide you with tailor-made perfect skin tightening treatment recommendations.


Register now for free consultation

LIFTERA® Hifu V-Lift Before & After
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LIFTERA® HHifu V-Lift Package Price
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6 Treatments





12 Treatments





18 Treatments (Face)



  • What is the technology of Liftera V-Lift?
    Liftera V-Lift is a kind of HIFU,HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound,High energy Focused Ultrasound) The energy of the focused ultrasound is transmitted to the bottom layer of the skin (1.5mm-4.5mm below the skin) in a dot matrix. Unlike thread embedding, the main non-invasive technology outputs energy quickly and steadily to the skin dermis and fascia layer (SMAS Layer), triggers the self-generation of collagen under the skin, and solves skin sagging problems, fine lines around face, eyes and neck, giving out a firming and tightening effect.
  • How effective is the Liftera V-Lift treatment?
    The effect of the Liftera V-Lift treatment can be seen immediately, and after the treatment, guests will feel a feeling of tightening on the face. Since collagen is stimulated to self-growth during the treatment, the final effetcs will be seen within 2 to 3 months, after the collagen has reproduced itself, and tightens the skin to an optimal effect.
  • Is Liftera V-Lift suitable for me?
    Liftera V-Lift is generally suitable for everyone's skin because it is a non-invasive lifting technique. But if you are -Pregnant women -There is damage on the skin of the treated area -Severe rosacea -Cystic acne -Has a pacemaker -Defibrillator people We do not recommend that you do Liftera V-Lift treatment.
  • How long can the results of Liftera V-Lift last?
    Since the Liftera V-Lift treatment involves self-generation of collagen, it is not possible for patients to see the complete anti-aging effect immediately after one treatment. According to the Korean FDA certification technology, it is generally recommended patients to do 3 treatments ore more depending on individula needs to maintain the effects for one year or more .

——————​ Why VIGOUR® ——————​

The mission of VIGOUR® is to serve every patient attentively so that you can enjoy beauty treatment in a relaxing way. We believe the process of beautifying oneself should be an enjoyable experience, and results should be prominent. Hence we have set the golden standard in the medical beauty industry by giving out professional and safe treatments, with sincere service and best medical grade machines only to ensure best outcome for you .

We strictly abide by【3 major rules】

1. Customers first

2. Only use the original authenticated products, such as FDA EU CE KFDA certification top technology medical grade machines

3. Clear price, no hidden charges


Instalment offer: For treatments over $3000, the designated credit card can be used for up to 6-48 months interest-free instalment without paying the full fee in one go.​

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The price is transparent and fair, while service are great!  Vigour therapists are very professional, the therapist explains in detail, and was kind and attentive while i was there, and make sure I enjoy the treatment, unlike other beauty companies I have been to before that have rushed everything,I highly recommend Vigour.

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I went to Vigour, the therapist is super nice and gentle, the process is professional and efficient! I am super satisfied with the results that I see immediately!  I’m so happy that I picked this company, will definitely come again😆



The service attitude of the staff is very good and friendly. The treatments are tailored to my personal skin concerns, i left with zero downtime and immediate results . The process was comfortable and relaxing, the therapist helped me deal with my skin problems carefully and attentively❤️❤️ will definitely recommend my friend to join Vigour for their treatments.



4.9 (10,000+reviews)


6 Treatments (Neck)




10 Treatments (Neck)




20 Treatments





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