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The price is transparent and fair, and the service is amazing. Vigour's pigmentation remover is very professional, my skin definitely feel brighter and more youthful.  The professional staff explained in detail, the attitude is very kind and attentive, and he takes into account your feelings. Unlike other de-spotting companies in the market, which only ask for quick work, it is highly recommended.

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I went to Vigour for laser facial to remove unwanted pigments like sunspots, the therapist is very gentle and helpful, the process is professional and fast, and I can already see the results after 1 time! I am very satisfied with the results, and the effects of pigmentation removal is excellent!  I’m so glad that I picked Vigour.



The service attitude of the staff is very good and friendly. I experienced no redness at all after the pico laser facial, and can do make up again the second day. The process is painless, the therapist helped me to laser the  sunspots carefully one by one, very detailed. The service is very good ❤️❤️ I will definitely recommend my friend to go to Vigour for laser facial!



4.9 (10,000+reviews)


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